Friday, 26 May 2017

Best Cloud Computing Services And IT Software Solution Company In Dubai

Today we are here to introduce Best Cloud Computing Service Providers In Dubai , Blue Light Computer one of the cloud based service provider Company In Dubai.we are believing to provide Scalability and flexibility services to our clients .We have  team of highly capable and Experienced IT cloud solutions experts. . Our experts work with full focus and provide you best Cloud Solution available in the industry. Private Cloud hosting are isolated computing environments custom-designed ,scalable and perfect Size for any workload or application .This are Build with trusted technologies Like Cisco, Hyper-v and VMware and powered by our worldwide network .Our private cloud hosting model by providing powerful security solutions, dedicated US-based support , on boarding teams, customization, and flexible managed  and service plans. If you have managed private cloud solution must deliver higher-level security and compliance while reducing complexity. For legacy application and dedicated infrastructure is usually the best option. If you want to access incredibly high performance server ,storage technologies and switching  you should choose bluelight computer.

Beside This here we are providing Many IT services With Affordable Price.

Annual Maintenance IT Infrastructure Services Software Development Data Networking and security Cloud Computing Server, Data & Application Consolidation Virtualization Managed IT Support Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Remote access/VPN IT Consultancy and system design Computer Hardware Suppliers Web Design & Marketing Mobile Application Development Communication Audio Video Solution POS Retail Solution ERP Software Solution UAE Structured Cabling Solution Digital Security &Surveillance Mobile Application Development we have superb ERP software solution In Dubai. Every Business owner want to handle his data ,stock and proper report that time ERP Accounting Software is the best solution. Through ERP Software you can manage data like employee salary, attendance ,Billing, Payroll and much more functionality. We have been supply many ERP software in UAE. we have many clients who are  successfully using our software solutions . We focus on every module work properly .we work on client requirement because every client have it's own different requirement.

Our Accounting Software has many Fractures Like:-

  • Vendor records management
  • Advance payment scheduling
  • Payment date calculation
  • Check printing
  • 1099 forms
  • EFT support
  • Suspicious payment alerts
  • EFT support
  • Accounts receivable and billing
  • AR aging reports
  • AP document attachment
  • Sales attributions
  • Customer accounts management
  • Accounts payable purchase order reconciliation
  • Invoice creation
  • AR comment support
  • Cost of goods sold reporting
  • Custom accounts receivable terms
  • Credit card payment support
  • Recurring invoices
  • Invoice duplication
  • Sales tax calculation
  • Envelopes, receipts, reminders, credit notes, pack slips
  • Promotions, coupons, rebates
  • Email invoicing
  • Progress billing
  • RMA support
  • Estimating and quoting
  • Customer credit management
  • EFT support
  • Account holds
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Balance-forward
  • Balance sheet
  • What if scenarios
  • Sales forecasts
  • Rolling budgets
  • Versioning & approvals
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Actual variance reporting
  • Double entry, accrual accounting
  • Cash flow analysis and positioning
  • Fixed assets
  • Multiple depreciation formulas
  • General ledger & financial reporting
  • Profit and loss
  • Cash management and much more
Structured Cabling Solution is one of the best services you will get in Bluelight computer. If you want structured cabling solution In Dubai that time you can face many problems like cost ,resources ,cabling and much more. Bluelight computer provide best structured cabling solution in affordable price. Beside we are providing Best IT Services In Dubai, UAE. In IT services you will get software development, website Design, Website Development, Logo design, Benner design, Responsive website design and much more. Bluelight computer is best IT Solution Company In Dubai. Our IT solution reduce client load and system make easy to use.  

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Bluelight Computer Best IT Solution Company In Dubai,UAE

you know many fake IT Solution Companies Available In dubai.Which company is best ? it's very hard to find answer for this question , we are here to introduce faith and trustable IT Solution Company In Dubai . You are private owned Company ,Industries, Organization, If you want to increase your productivity but you find it very hard with much technical issues hanging around?.

At bluelight computer you will found many services .we are specially focus on providing  our services like IT Solution, IT Support , IT Infrastructure Services, Managed IT Support, Annual Maintenance, Data Networking and security, Server, Data & Application Consolidation, Virtualization, Software Development, Cloud Computing, Remote access/VPN,IT Consultancy and system design, POS Retail Solution, Web Design & Marketing, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity, Communication Audio Video Solution, Computer Hardware Suppliers, Structured Cabling Solution ,Digital Security &Surveillance, Mobile Application Development ,ERP Software Solution UAE

If you want Structured Cabling Solution ,We also have specialization in structured Cabling Solution . Structured Cabling is very Important for your organization. Our team of certified professional will be available to provide support ,solution, advice and much more . we are focused  on Client requirement and facilities .many times clients need is very different that time our Team member communicate each other and give best solution. who fulfill  client requirement .No matter they didn't this work in past.We are also having IT engineers they are very responsible for his work . We provide services in many organization Company .if you want see we shall show you

Friday, 19 May 2017

How to choose best ERP Account Software Company In Dubai for My Business?

how I choose best ERP account Software In Dubai (UAE) for my business ?? it's very Important questions for every  owner who are facing need of ERP Accounting  software. What do you think about it? How will you choose an accounting software solution for your business? What criteria will you use? This article help to answers of this questions .here we give you best knowledge about software so don't worry about it .

Functionality :- you should ask which functionalities available in account software because without functionality how it work . ERP software and all accounting software has many functionality  but main matter is your software has same feature that you required ,Some times  owners buy software but   it's didn't fulfill all requirement that type they suggest you for another software.
 "you should find out if current expertise and skills of your employees will be enough for successful adoption of the software so that each user will feel comfortable when operating the system".
Reporting Requirement :-  Reporting Requirement is more Important because how you manage you know  what your employee do. So  Make a list of business reporting requirements and make sure the software of your choice meets these requirements and fits into the expectations of your bookkeepers so that you will receive the required reports generated by the software.

Internal Control Tools :- Internal Control Tools is the eye of your business you should select accounting software that helps to detecting Errors during  the Business life cycle. for Example user authentication, change management ,user profile history, audit trails and other tools.
you should  sure the chosen Accounting software provides internal control tools that simplify user activity tracking and change audit.

Cost-Effectiveness :-Cost Effectiveness is the bigger Concept for accounting software , You will get the best accounting software program in case this program let your business benefit from sufficient functionality and cost effectiveness and options.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Top Structured Cabling Solution Company In Dubai

Structured Cabling is most important for Us without cabling solution how we manage our business and systems?? that time we will search Top Structured Cabling Solution Company In Dubai and Bluelight computer provides best structured  Cabling Solution Company InDubai (UAE) . Bluelight Computer IT infrastructure services help in the build, design, delivery, and management of client IT infrastructure in an efficient, responsive, and affordable manner. we have Experienced team members who are capable to provide best Solution. We are providing Services Like:-

IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT Support

Annual Maintenance

Data Networking and security

Server, Data & Application Consolidation


Software Development

Cloud Computing

Remote access/VPN

IT Consultancy and system design

POS Retail Solution

Web Design & Marketing

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Communication Audio Video Solution

Computer Hardware Suppliers

Structured Cabling Solution

Digital Security &Surveillance

Mobile Application Development

     ERP Software Solution UAE


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